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“If She’d Known Then…”

A discouraged employee finds out what she’s truly missing.

ASIA — For three years, Lihua trained for a supervisor position at a local English center started by Crossworld worker Martin. But after earning the title, second thoughts plagued her. Her uncle had found her a higher-paying job at another company, and the idea of starting something new was exciting to Lihua. So she decided to leave. “We’ll miss you,” said Martin. “We’ll make a place for you if you ever want to come back.”

Not long afterward, Lihua began to realize that her new job was nothing like her old one. Her employers dealt harshly, and none of her co-workers seemed to care about her the way they did at the English center. In fact, the only valuable friendships she had were with people from her old job.

She continued to grow more discouraged about her new life until she remembered what Martin taught her. He said that when discouragement hit, opening his Bible to read what he called “God’s Word” helped. Perhaps she could find some answers there, too.

Lihua started reading her Bible, but her new job still failed to satisfy her. Finally she decided to return to the English center.

“Why did you come back?” Martin asked Lihua a few days later.

“To find myself,” Lihua said as tears blurred her eyes. “I know that this is a place where I can not only grow in my professional life, but in my personal life as well.”

Lihua hasn’t fully trusted in Christ yet, but she is experiencing His love as she studies His Word. And she is already sharing what she discovers about Jesus with her friends who haven’t met Him either.

Martin’s employees feel safe and cared for at the English center. Do your neighbors and co-workers experience love that points them to Jesus?

Italicized names were changed to protect identity.


“Bringing God’s love to life… imagine if we took this approach to our life — all of our life — like Martin.” Read more of President Dale Losch’s response in the Better Way blog.

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