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Reel to Real Faith

Seeing Jesus was all the proof they needed.

KENYA — It took several hours over rough terrain to reach the little village named after the Sokon herbal tree — a little village home to the Masai people. Living so rurally, many haven’t heard about Jesus, and the few who have possess few resources to grow in their faith. But on this day they had a special opportunity.

Crossworld worker Steve hoisted the plywood screen on top of his Jeep, then hooked up the projector. Nearly 200 people, mostly students, had gathered by the time it was dark. They crowded together on the ground and slowly quieted as the “JESUS” film began to play.

“Be healed,” Jesus said to the blind man, and the students looked at each other with widened eyes.

“Be gone, Satan,” Jesus said, and a few of the students gasped.

“Little girl, arise,” Jesus said, and the girl came back to life. The students began to applaud.

As Jesus was beaten and mocked, the crowd began to whisper: “No! Not Jesus!” and “How could they do that to Him?”

The cross. The spear. The grave. And then the empty tomb.

When Jesus finally appeared to His disciples, the students erupted. “It’s Jesus!” they shouted. Many leapt to their feet, cheering, clapping and pointing to the screen with huge grins.

When the film ended, the local pastor stood up.

“Who will trust this Jesus?” he asked.

After witnessing His life, death and resurrection, many of the students needed no convincing. Dozens chose to follow Him that
very night.

Italicized names were changed to protect identities.


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