Stay? Seriously?

Yes. We’re an international missions agency with hundreds of workers around the world, and yet we’d be thrilled to have you stay right where you are. And if you think that’s only because we want you to “pay and pray” while leaving the real work of missions to religious professionals, think again. We want you to stay and do the same thing we’re doing: make disciples.

As someone who’s interested in missions, you may be familiar with the 10-40 Window but not with the 925 Window. This is the natural window of opportunity that most believers have from “9 to 5” every day: the workplace. It’s also an overlooked, untapped and strategic window. How so? It’s where most people spend most of their time. It’s their main community of relationships. It’s where life happens!

The idea of serving in the 925 Window is not new. Believers throughout history, even back to the great Bible heroes, lived out their faith in the “9 to 5” world. Consider Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Esther, Nehemiah, David, Solomon, Daniel, and many others who impacted their world not by leaving their professions to become “full-time workers,” but by serving God full-time using the skills and positions God had entrusted to them.

Think about it. What better way to reach a business leader than to be a business leader? What better way to reach a nurse than to be a nurse? All it takes is a heart devoted to disciple-making. What would the world look like if all believers in all professions committed themselves to their 925 Windows? What would your workplace look like if you became a disciple-maker in your world?

A Better Way by Dale Losch, president of Crossworld

“Lost humanity desperately needs godly engineers and baristas and electricians and web designers and business entrepreneurs and artists and mechanics and athletes to flood the marketplaces of the world with the skills they are best at so disciples of Jesus can be made wherever life happens.

“When we ask people to abandon their God-given skills and passions to become a full-time religious worker—or when we tell those people to keep doing what they’re doing here in North America and just send money—we are doing ourselves and the lost world a great disservice.”

– Dale Losch, president of Crossworld and author of A Better Way

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