Apprenticeship Program



Apprenticeships are a centuries-old way for young adults to learn and develop their professional skills. Our culture has moved the job of teaching and training to schools and universities but the value of one-on-one mentorship has not changed. In the world of missions, Crossworld is seeking to provide a means for young Christians who have a heart for the world to get practical experience professionally, spiritually and personally.

Who are we looking for?

    • College graduates and young professionals
    • Flexible and adventurous people
    • Self-starters excited about jumping into a new setting and getting involved

What Participants Say

“I strongly suggest an apprenticeship! My time in Haiti gave me enough exposure to see what it is more realistically like to live in another culture and do ministry. You get to see a little more about the heart of the culture. My desire to do cross-cultural ministry grew after my time in Haiti, so just TRY IT!!!” –Jon, Crossworld Appointee

“God used my time with Crossworld in Ecuador to open my eyes to what life is on a day-in and day-out basis on the field. I learned much about ministry, culture, Crossworld, and myself. It was by far the most important and cherished step on my way to the field.” –Katie, now serving in the Canary Islands of Spain

“As a result of my time in Cambodia, I began to see God outside of the box I’d unconsciously put Him in. He did some deep, refining work on my heart and helped me see His power at work. While my fears became more apparent and my faith was tested, my team members encouraged me with truth. A little over a year later, I’m preparing to return to Cambodia full-time. I’m so thankful for the preview time I had. I know a little more what to expect and I’m ready to join my team in building relationships to make disciple-makers!” –Jen, now serving in Cambodia

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