Business as Mission (BAM)

Be you.

That’s your way into Business as Mission (BAM), which is living and loving like Jesus in the workplace in order to transform lives and improve communities.

You can engage in BAM almost anywhere in the world by continuing to be who you already are:

  • entrepreneur
  • manager
  • accountant
  • finance director
  • marketer
  • medical professional
  • retail clerk
  • engineer
  • sports instructor
  • graphic designer
  • biochemist
  • truck driver
  • construction worker
  • consultant

Why wait for years and work extra jobs to fund a seminary or professional ministry degree? The workplace skills and experience you have today can support legitimate, profitable business in an area where few people have ever met an authentic believer in Jesus Christ. Your passion for disciple-making and some basic cross-cultural training can allow you to make disciples wherever life happens — the workplace, gym, cafe, bank or bus stop.

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BAM in action

Christine’s* business degree and her knowledge of coffee, gained from several years as a Starbucks’ barista, opened a BAM door for her in a bustling Asian¬†metropolis. As the product developer for two coffee shops, Christine is able to share her faith in a personal way with employees and customers alike. And making disciples? That’s the cream in her latte.

Mark* and his team transport solar panels to mountain villages in Asia. These panels bring light and heat to homes previously fueled by sooty stoves that caused lung disease in many villagers. When conversations turn to spiritual things, the team shares about Jesus being the Light of the world. After three years of these mountain treks, more than 100 people have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ, and two communities of disciples are growing rapidly. A trekking business is in the planning stage to provide sustainable income for several people.

Steve*, a biologist and teacher, used his expertise to build more than 70 water tanks in an area of an Asian country that had no clean water. His expertise in clean water technologies has brought physical life and health to village after village.  Through his practical business, Steve is telling others about Christ. A young employee whom Steve is discipling is determined to share his faith with his own people.


*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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