Business as Mission

Countries around the world are seeking big ideas and entrepreneurs to make them happen because profitable, sustainable business transforms economies, communities and lives.

Business as Mission fulfills both the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We love our neighbor by creating jobs that meet needs, and in turn, we make disciples by modeling a life of faith, joy, love and peace in Jesus. Real business. Real mission. Real impact.


Be an entrepreneur. Build a business overseas. Create jobs and bring real solutions to real problems like poverty, oppression and exploitation — a benefit welcomed by almost every government.

But without making disciples, it’s just business. By living with integrity, caring for your employees and following Jesus’ teachings, you earn the opportunity to share what’s more important to you than business. It’s no secret — soon people want to follow Christ. Read about a job-maker in Asia in “No More Business as Usual.”


Take your job or skills overseas and do in a least-reached marketplace just what you do here. As a marketer, photographer, construction worker, athlete or teacher, your professional skills and passion for disciple-making allow you to make disciples in your 925 Window. Learn more about all professions disciple-making.


No one can do it alone. Job-makers need partners in North America to serve as mentors, trainers, subject matter experts, consultants, sponsors, networkers, etc.

Could you be a job-maker, job-taker or job-bracer? Talk to us.


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