Go…Find your way

These Dani tribesmen in Papua, Indonesia don’t need you to go and preach the gospel to them. They’re not lost; they’re found! In the 1980s, they understood the gospel as shared with them by Crossworld missionaries and chose to follow Christ by the hundreds. Immediately, they began taking the good news of God’s forgiveness to other tribes.

No seminary training. No PowerPoint outlines. No hip worship music. They just had Jesus, and that was enough. Today, there are generations of disciples in Indonesian jungles that number in the thousands because the Danis figured if they know who Jesus is and others don’t, they are compelled to tell them.

Appearances can be misleading. These Dani aren’t to be pitied, and they don’t need our culture. Instead, we admire their immediate obedience. They’re examples of go done well.

Whatever your reasons are not to go and make disciples, why not trade them in for reasons not to stay?

Crossworld is looking for…

  • Groundbreakers who will enter a new least-reached marketplace to seek out job opportunities and strategies
  • Business developers who will create viable, profitable business opportunities that fit a particular marketplace
  • Profession-based disciple-makers who will take a job in their area of expertise in a marketplace
  • Ministry team leaders who will keep the team focused on the goal of reproducing disciples
  • Vocational cross-cultural workers who will focus on the spiritual development of team members and new disciples
  • Godly business and professional partners who will mentor entrepreneurs, provide consulting expertise for developing business plans, and invest resources in start-up funding for new businesses


The Process

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