Our Accountability

However your gift is used, be assured it will always be handled with financial integrity and accountability. To assure this, Crossworld is a member of several accrediting organizations.


All gifts to Crossworld are tax deductible and received with the understanding that Crossworld has complete control over their use to fulfill the purpose of our ministry.


Tax Exempt Status

Crossworld is authorized in the U.S. and Canada to issue tax-deductible receipts for gifts that advance its purposes.


Gifts to Crossworld on behalf of the ministry of a particular missionary are tax-deductible because Crossworld exercises full administrative and accounting control over the contributions and ensures that they are spent to further its mission.


Contributions to specific individuals to use “as they see fit” are not tax-deductible. However, “where most needed in the ministry” is a tax-deductible gift.


Audited Financial Statement

The U.S. audited financial statement is available upon request.
  Canada Statement

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