Our Vision

What is Crossworld all about?

Making disciples in the world’s least-reached marketplaces.

by Dale Losch, president of Crossworld

Fresh is a good word. It’s what we want when we shop for fruit and vegetables. It’s the cleanly pressed shirt we slip on in the morning. It’s the ice-cold Coke — the drink that refreshes — that quenches our thirst on a hot summer day. Fresh is not always new, but it is invigorating and life-giving.

As of 2011, Crossworld is embarking on a fresh journey in pursuit of the unchanging mandate of Jesus to make disciples of the nations. In one sense it is nothing new, yet in another it has been extremely invigorating. Our new logo is simply a visual reflection of the dream God has given us for impacting the world with His timeless message of life. Let me take a few moments to describe the dream for you.

We dream of disciple-makers from all professions bringing God’s love to life in the world’s least-reached marketplaces. Our vision, logo and tagline — There’s a better way — reflect our desire to innovatively reach the rapidly changing world by engaging all believers to unleash the explosive power of authentic disciple-making.

  • Here in the West we have tended to excel at making converts to fill the church. We believe there’s a better way — make disciple-makers to be the church.
  • We have mobilized mostly the religious profession — “elite believers” if you will — to go to the nations. We believe there’s a better way — mobilize all professions, all believers to go to the nations.
  • Our approach has often been largely proclamational — “come to our world and hear a message about eternal life.” We believe there’s a better way — be incarnational — go to their world and model in word and deed a message of abundant life.

The world is not the same place it was even a few years ago. The rise of a global economy, the migration of the nations, the explosion of technology, the worldwide quest to learn English, and the emergence of an international missionary force are just a few of the reasons why we must continually strive for fresh approaches to our global task.

While we believe strongly that there’s a better way, we in no way claim to have figured it all out. We are looking for those with a passion for God and people to join us in discovering fresh, innovative ways to use their God-given skills to make disciples of Jesus among the nations. As we do this, Christ will fulfill His promise to build His church.

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