A better way

More than just a tagline

Crossworld president Dale Losch explains.

What do we mean by saying, “There’s a better way”?

Have we had it all wrong until now?

Do we know something nobody else knows?

For starters, Crossworld is not the better way, nor do we claim to have figured it all out.

But we believe there’s a better way and we are committed to discovering it.

Not better in relation to the past, but better in light of the future.

The world is a vastly different place than it was even a few years ago. Consider:

  • the migration of nations
  • the rise of a global missionary force
  • the rapid growth of urban populations
  • the development of a global economy
  • the explosion of technology
  • the restriction on religious activity in many countries

As these changes and more continue at an unprecedented speed, we must continually seek a better way to reach the world today.

“There’s a better way” is a conviction that the western church and missionary endeavor must rediscover the explosive power of Jesus’ incarnational disciple-making mandate to all believers. Western Christianity has succeeded at making converts to fill the church. Jesus calls us to a better way: make disciple-makers to be the church.

“There’s a better way” is equally an appeal to unleash the untapped potential of the whole body of Christ to innovatively use their professions to make disciples in the world’s least-reached marketplaces. We have primarily engaged only the religious profession to reach the world. There’s a better way: engage all professions.

But “a better way” is not just about a better way to do missions in a changing world. It’s also about a better way to do life in a dying world. The better way is life in Jesus, life to the full, life as it was meant to be. And it is life that is not just preached from our world, but incarnated in theirs by followers of Jesus who love God supremely and people sacrificially.

There’s a better way to do missions and we are committed to discovering it.

And there’s a better way to do life and we are committed to living it.

Some taglines are descriptive, simply telling you what an organization does. Some taglines are emotive, seeking to make an emotional connection to what they have to offer. “There’s a better way” is meant to be provocative, inviting a dialogue and a pursuit with like-minded believers of a better way to bring God’s love to people wherever life happens.

Our dream is this: Disciple-makers from all professions bringing God’s love to life in the world’s least-reached marketplaces.


What Does A Better Way Look Like?

  • We have tended to make converts and fill pews. There’s a better way: make disciples who make disciples.
  • Western missionaries have tended to reproduce western forms of church. There’s a better way: reproduce disciple-makers.
  • We have tended to be invitational and proclamational in our approach. There’s a better way: be incarnational.
  • We have reduced discipleship to a truth-based program. There’s a better way: elevate it to a truth-based relationship.
  • We have primarily mobilized religious workers for the harvest. There’s a better way: mobilize all believers for the harvest.
  • We have viewed the Great Commission as a mandate for our nation (America). There’s a better way: it is a mandate for all nations.
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