A Better Way by Dale Losch

A Better Way by Dale Losch

Synopsis: More than a call for a return to the original way of making disciples, this book empowers every believer to engage by imparting God’s truth through authentic relationships wherever life happens. [More]

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Dale is a champion when it comes to discipleship,
and his heart for the lost beats closely with mine…”

- Luis Palau, Evangelist and Author

“Dale Losch is describing a paradigm-shifting
reorientation of how we do mission…”

- Steve Moore, President, Missio Nexus

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Watch as author Dale Losch, president of Crossworld, illustrates the disciple-making philosophy behind A Better Way.

Full Synopsis of A Better Way

Better does not mean new. As you will see, better is about recommitting ourselves to something old yet perpetually powerful and original.

Neither does better imply past failure. The countless success of those who have gone before us in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth are proof of God’s blessing.

But better as it is used in this book does imply the possibility of improvement. It implies that we have room to grow—not in terms of the mandate or the message, but in what we are doing about it. The world has changed technologically, politically, linguistically, economically, and in virtually every way imaginable. We cannot simply make micro-adjustments in a world of macro-change.

A Better Way is about Jesus’ way to impact our world with His life-revolutionizing message, and how a fresh commitment to His way and fresh yet at the same time timeless approach in our methods can change the world in our lifetime. The approach? Disciple-makers from all professions bringing God’s love to life in the world’s least-reached marketplaces.

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Leaders respond to A Better Way

“Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with individuals…and equipping others to do the same. For that reason alone I am thrilled to see this book in print. Dale is a champion when it comes to discipleship, and his heart for the lost beats closely with mine. Pick up this book, dig in, and use it to learn how you can truly become an active participant in God’s Great Commission.” - Luis Palau, Evangelist and Author

“Some will say the better way described in this book is a rehash of old ideas. It is not. Dale Losch is describing a paradigm-shifting reorientation of how we do mission. The seismic geopolitical and technological shifts that are making the world smaller and faster have simultaneously closed many doors for traditional missions and opened many doors for Christ-followers in the marketplace. I will be cheering for Crossworld and others who are bold enough to explore this ‘blue ocean’ opportunity for accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission.” - Steve Moore, President, Missio Nexus

“Missionaries, pastors (and I speak as one who has been a pastor for 32 years), and above all those of you who consider yourself ‘just a lay person’—this book is a must-read. I have had the added privilege of knowing the author for several years. And I can vouch for the fact that he personally practices what he advocates in this book.” - Sunder Krishnan, Senior Pastor, Rexdale Alliance Church, Toronto

“If there is a better way to reach the world, then this is it. Maybe it is the original way, for it is ordinary people, in ordinary places, doing ordinary things with extraordinary results—for their vision at work, home and play is to participate in the church’s greatest task: making disciples of Jesus Christ. This book shows it to be a remarkably accessible task for all those who belong to Christ. Enjoy the adventure.” - Charles Price, Pastor, The Peoples Church, Toronto, Host of Living Truth Television and Radio

“My heart leaped within me as I read Dale Losch’s A Better Way. It will become a mission classic as it is building much-needed bridges between the workplace movement, Business as Mission, traditional missions, and the local church. The clarity in which he defines discipleship is worth the whole read. Read it and do it! Dale Losch’s A Better Way shows us how to return to the biblical model of Jesus in fulfilling the Great Commission.” - Kent Humphreys, Ambassador, The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International / Christ@Work

“In A Better Way, Dale Losch boldly and honestly addresses the challenges of our current strategy for reaching the least-reached of the world. He then paints the picture of how this generation can make disciples of every nation. This is a must-read for everyone who is serious about the Great Commission.” - Durwood Snead, Director of globalX, North Point Ministries

“I have found A Better Way by Dale Losch to be the most meaningful book on missions I have read in a long time. I will be praying for the missionaries with Crossworld to be ready to make this vision a reality. [Crossworld is] right in the middle of the beginning of a mission that could dramatically change the vision of every evangelical mission in America!” - Dr. Neil Ashcraft, Minister-at-Large, Dallas Theological Seminary

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Readers Share Thoughts About A Better Way

“Wow! This is a concept the whole Kingdom could rally behind. It was like something that has been floating around in my mind suddenly became clear. This is a vision that will particularly energize men who have been sitting on the sidelines for too long.” - Aaron Basko

“Dale along with contributor John Berger present a compelling case for a new paradigm for sending agencies. Crossworld’s leaders have an unshackled understanding of world evangelization that is firmly rooted in the practices of Jesus. It is not revolutionary. BUT this book pushes together a Biblical approach to reach those far from God that has been hidden in plain sight for over 2000 years.”Roy Moran via Amazon

“Discipleship has always been this hazy things the church has talked about. This book is helping build a simple framework to understand how to move forward doing what we are called to do.” - Joel Jenney via Facebook

“Excellent book! The church today is blessed to have those who think outside the box.” - Matt Ouellette via Facebook

“I have no words to describe this book! I graduated knowing what I did not want to be and that was a “full-time minister or missionary” in the traditional since, I knew there was a better way. Since then, I’ve been in full time ministry, wrestling through all of these burdens and questions! Everything written in this book has been on my heart since I seriously gave my life to Jesus and it brings me to tears of joy and freedom as I read this book! Thank you!” -Theo Steinhauer via Facebook

“Reading @abetterwaycw Incredible confirmation about God’s call on our life for discipleship…really get it. Read it!” - Twitter user @christi_barnes

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