The Classroom of Life

By Dale Losch

Feb 15, 2012 A Better Way Blog

Crossworld President Dale Losch responds to “Anything But a Crutch.”

Disciple-making is all about imparting God’s truth through authentic relationships wherever life happens. God’s truth is the content. Loving relationship is the context. And life is the classroom.  

For Hannah and Andrew, the classroom happened to be their relationship as an unmarried couple. As it turned out, the lesson taught in that particular classroom was a tough one to learn. One of them dropped out. But the other learned, albeit the hard way, and graduated to the abundant life that Jesus offers all who will be his disciple.

Certainly one of the keys to Hannah’s completion of that difficult course was having a relationship with the “teachers,” Tracy and Brenda, who lovingly pursued this couple even though it seemed they had chosen to “drop the class.” Obviously there are no guarantees that investing this way in people’s lives will pay off — indeed Andrew has chosen to walk away, at least for now. But the fact is that God’s truth delivered through a loving relationship in the context of life is a powerful formula for life-transformation.

Jesus came, not just to transform our eternity, but to radically impact all of life here and now. That’s why the best disciple-makers are those who learn to engage people where they live — in the workplace, the supermarket, the photography club, and especially in the brokenness of life that Jesus came to redeem.

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