Buying Their Own Flowers

By Dale Losch

Feb 08, 2012 A Better Way Blog

By Dale Losch | Crossworld President

As I was reading about the Valentine’s Day spending habits of the American people I was struck by the following tidbit: Fifteen percent of American women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. In one sense it made me smile. Good for them, I thought. That’s showing those bunch of male bozos! But that thought was quickly replaced by another, more sobering thought: No one should have to buy their own flowers.

It made me wonder how often in our couple-centric culture we do things that make singles feel left out. I’m not suggesting that we men should be buying flowers for all the single women in our world. That would probably not be advisable! But do we as couples stop often enough to think of how our actions, or lack thereof, are perceived by the many singles who make up our world?
Do we truly treat them as equally valued members of our ministry teams? Do we make a point to spend time developing our relationships with them like we do with those who are married? And when everyone else is getting chocolates and flowers and expressions of love, do we think about letting them know that they, too, are important and loved?
No, I’m not suggesting that we must become egalitarian in our celebration of Feb. 14. I’m simply saying that when it comes to feeling loved, no one should have to buy their own flowers, Valentine’s Day or any other for that matter.
I am convinced that our gospel witness will never be more powerful than when we love one another. It’s what Jesus said would show all men that we are his disciples. Not love for the world (though loving our neighbor is also required), and not loving our spouse (though that one too is clearly enjoined), but loving one another — the members of our own spiritual community.
May that be the reality for every person in your world, so that no one ever feels the need to buy their own flowers for lack of love.

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